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As President I will:

increase living conditions and opportunities for all,

bring integrity to politics and the economy,

and support the youth to 

reach their potential in a sustainable Namibia.

Photo©Pietro Sutera

Rosa Namises 2024,
Independent Candidate

Rosa Namises is a  human rights activist who has been on the front line of Namibia’s liberation since the 70’s. Born and raised in Katutura, she knows the issues people face. In exile she had the opportunity to study and learn from people in business and human rights organisations internationally. She left SWAPO after they came to power after the silencing of human rights abuses. She went on to set up the Namibian Congress of Democrats for which she was a secretary-general and a member of parliament for many years

She is currently a speaker and consultant for many International Human Rights and Environmental Organisations. She has founded and directed Civil Society Organisations in Namibia such as the Dolam Children’s Home in Katutura, which over the years, has given a loving and safe home to over 250 vulnerable children and Womans Solidarity Namibia, which works on women's capacity building, gender advocacy, food security and reducing violence in communities.


Rosa Namises is running as an Independent candidate in the 2024 Namibian Presidential elections so that she can choose the best Namibian minds to run the country; no matter what party or background they come from. Rosa Namises stands for a visionary  Namibia in which all of it’s citizens can thrive. Based on the late HGG's president's wish that no-one is left out, this starts with having decent living conditions, and opportunities for all  young people to reach their potential.  

I need 700 signatories from registered voters in each region to get on the Ballot. Please sign here to support my campaign.

Thank you for your support!

Please re- register to vote here:

Why Vote for Rosa Namises?



             ...of all Namibians to reach their full potential. Together, we will work towards the growth of the Namibian house; equal opportunities for all, regardless of their background or circumstances.

 Sustainable Future

I am committed to creating a sustainable future for Namibia. This includes enabling water security for generations to come, investing in renewable energy and ensuring food and health resiliency.

Unifying Namibia

                 We will break down barriers and create a more cohesive society with equal rights and opportunities by bringing Namibians together as a united front. 

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